Three Junior High School Painters

ahhh!This painting i created when i was junior high school, it was still with my innocent face. So, once upon a time, there were three junior high school students have a same hobby, drawing! It were me (Hesa), Mamik, and Radite.

cafe!The three of us have each characteristic within our painting. I had preference with the details, Mamik had a great prodigy sense with lines and shades, and Radite had a marvelous feeling with the firmness and resoluteness.

happy!We’ve done many things. Praising with each other creation, giving a tips, and at last we decided to changed each other painting. Great time, great experience, great people!

ok!And here we go, the painting i created, especially for the three of us. Koyo Toya, one of the character on Hikaru’s Go Manga. Originally made by Takeshi Obata, great artist from Japan.



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