The Desire for Knowledge

evil's basement by interpolantics

evil’s basement by interpolantics

It is only the humble opinion of one who will remain demon until the bitter end. But I believe humans are fundamentally driven by three desires.

The first is material desire, well suppose you could also call it a desire for money. After all, without enough food, clothing, and shelter, humans perish so easily.

The second is sexual desire, this is also awfully easy to grasp. It humans don’t leave behind offsprings and multiply, they would soon face extinction.

And finally, this last desire holds more significance than the other two combined. Can anyone take a guess as to what it might be?

Is it the desire of sleep? You idiot and you are quite incorrect.

Eh, the desire for fame? hmm, it’s a good guess! you’re wrong but you’re getting closer. Humans can survive even with complete lack of fame.

Love? Who exactly you take me for? Demons strive to counteract humans attachment to romanticised illusions such as love, Goodness me.


Oh my, what did you say? It doesn’t bother me in the slightest if i’m not smart? AHAHAHAHA, BULLSHIT! WHAT UTTER NONSENSE!!!

Every human long to be the smartest. Every human yearn to bask in the self-superiority of obtaining some nugget of knowledge not yet discovered by the rest of humanity, and hoarding said knowledge for themselves!

From the latest news report and trends! To finding everything there is to discover about a lover!  What about the anticipation of finding out what happens next in an anime or a manga or a tv drama?! Or the curiosity of finding out where the alley goes after turn?

I want to know the answer that lied ahead!

This eternal desire to uproot all knowledge stays with every human being from birth to death!!!

You all pathetically lust fot an enormous quantity of knowledge just to stay alive! Even now, i’m sure you all are itching to uncover THE TRUE MEANING OF THIS UNIVERSE!!!

What are humans? What are demons? And what is the truth behind one’s own existance?

(Mephisto Pheles – Blue Exorcist)


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