Meet Bella

Sabrina Salsabilla Maulette

Sabrina Salsabilla Maulette

Meet Bela.
VII grade Student Middle School Raja Ampat, Papua.
A child who dreams of becoming a Professor of Chemistry in order to be an expertise of medicine, pretty much like her father’s job, a health center administrators.

I am sure she will succeed with her dreams. She is such a brilliant child.
Could you imagine, simply by 3-4 classroom meetings and two pages of general knowledge about corruption, she dominated the corruption eradication quiz race. Whereas the race was also attended by students of VIII class and IX class.

She eloquently explained the history of corruption eradication institutions in Indonesia, the definition of big fish and graft, duties and authority to the Corruption Eradication Commission in Indonesia.

A child with high comprehension and memorization skills.
Saonek fortuned enough awarded a gifted child like Bella.
Before we wrenched away, we promised each other.”Wait Bela at Java ne? I’d want to go to Java, attend the college. Meet again later.”
We’d wait Bela in Java, so that could be a Chemistry Professor. We believe it. Later on.


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